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Coffin, cartonnage



Image of coffin, cartonnage

Coffin of child. Painted cartonnage c.600BC. Inscription on front and back is meaningless, as sometimes occurred in that period. This coffin was CAT scanned by the Life Sciences department at Swansea University on 28.4.2014 and appeared to contain a tangle of bandages and a darker area including possible femur which was consistent with a 12-16 week old foetus. There was a possible amulet and either beads or tassels, the latter showing as a row of dots.

Cartonnage wrapping of a baby. The hieroglyphs on this do not seem to make sense, which suggests it might be a fake. However, Singleton Hospital kindly agreed to X-ray the cartonnage. While the results were not clear, there did seem to be faint traces of a skull, suggesting that this is genuine.

Accession number: W1013

Material: wood

Material: cartonnage

Date: 600 B.C.C

Period: Late Period, 26th Dynasty

Keywords: child; funerary; mummified remains

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